Harrison Consoles has announced the release of an update to the Mixbus32C digital audio workstation software for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Version 8.1 comes with Mixer Scenes, Stem export of MIDI tracks, Freesound search added to the Import dialog, native ARM builds for Mac M1, M2 computers (for testing), and many more improvements and fixes.

Mixer scenes allow you to quickly store and recall your knob settings, including the fader, panner, sends and send levels, EQ and compressor settings, and plugin settings.

You’ll find the mixer scenes in the bottom-left corner of the mix window. (If you don’t see the mixer list on the left side of your mixer, click View->Mixer List in the main menu)

Use mixer scenes to temporarily stash a mix, like “wetter vocals” or “vocal +2dB” and compare the 2 mixes.

You can compare 8 different mixes with a button-click. and a scene can be auditioned using ‘momentary mode’ before actually overwriting your current settings.

Version 8.1 of Mixbux32C is a free update for both Demo and Licensed users of Mixbus32C. A license is available to purchase for $349 USD ex. VAT where applicable.

More information: Harrison Consoles