Glitchedtones has released a new sample pack titled Harsh Noise, a collection of analog feedback loop manipulations where traditional audio equipment is pushed to extremes and sent spiralling out of control.

Glitchedtones Harsh Noise

Featuring glitched-out signal malfunctions, huge walls of noise and piercing high-frequency tones, these sounds will really set the mood for any abstract scenes, unsettling moments or technological nightmare situations in your productions, particularly if working to a horror, science fiction, dystopian or experimental theme.

With each file coming in at 1 minute in length and recorded at a high resolution of 24/96, you are invited to go beyond the source material and explore your own sonic territory by way of editing, filtering and processing to suit your needs.

The 1.28 GB Harsh Noise sample pack comprises 40 sounds and includes metadata. It is available from A Sound Effect for $20 USD.

More information: A Sound Effect