Ploytec has announced it will demonstrate a newly developed version of the PL2 MIDI synthesizer at the upcoming Superbooth19 show in Berlin.

Ploytec PL2

The PL2 is an analog synthesizer module with a digital (125kHz, state variable) multimode filter, offering unique saturation. That filter’s followed by a second analog lowpass filter. It comes in two versions: The original black PL2 is MIDI powered via its MIDI input. It works with almost any MIDI equipped keyboard or MIDI interface. The built-in micro USB connector doesn’t contain USB functionality, but can be used for additional power when needed.

Soundwise identical, the white PL2 Leukos USB only works with computers or iPads® (USB camera connection kit required). Instead of a MIDI Input, πλ² Leukos features a perfect MIDI output, so you can connect an additonal MIDI synth (e.g. a black PL2).

The existing emulation of the General Instruments SP0256-AL2 speech synthesizer chip from the eighties is extended by a replica of the historical CTS256-AL2 companion chip. The CTS256-AL2 chip automatically translates English text to the allophones needed for robot speech.

On Saturday May 11th, 3pm, there will be a 20-minute presentation at the Supertooth FEZ auditorium.

More information: Ploytec