Heavyocity Media has announced the release of NOVO Essentials, a collection of core orchestral strings content curated from the acclaimed virtual instrument NOVO: Modern Strings.

The instrument features lush traditional strings for quick composition, a creative string designer for cinematic sound design and hand-crafted loops for instant inspiration.

Heavyocity NOVO Essentials

Featuring deeply-sampled organic strings recorded at the famous Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Bros. Studios, NOVO Essentials contains the same three-engine functionality of the full NOVO instrument (Traditional Strings, Hybrid Strings, and String Loops), but with a more-streamlined content set for composers of all budgets and levels of experience. Just like the full NOVO, NOVO Essentials is a rich, expressive organic strings instrument, a visceral, cinematic hybrid strings instrument, and an instantly inspirational loops instrument, all in one.

“We wanted to bring the power of NOVO to everyone,” says Neil Goldberg, Co-Founder, Heavyocity. “So composers at every stage of their journey could experience what’s possible with this epic orchestral strings VI.”

The organic side of NOVO Essentials includes a single Full Orchestra preset, with four core articulations (sustains, tremolos, staccatos, pizzicatos), and close, room, and hall mic positions, as well as a full mix channel. The powerful hybrid String Designer features 40 cinematic snapshots; content sourced from the pristine organic string samples, and then processed and treated by the industry-leading Heavyocity sound design team. The String Loops Designer offers a sampling of loops from NOVO in different ranges and styles — from rhythmic to ambient to motif.

Plus, all 6 GB of NOVO Essentials content comes with the superior sound-shaping functionality of the NOVO engine.

While owners of the full NOVO instrument already have all of these samples, there are a few new features, most notably the Full Ensemble preset which combines the Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass samples into one seamlessly playable instrument. There are also 50 new snapshots for the String Designer and Loop Designer. NOVO Essentials will be available for $19 USD for owners of the full NOVO instrument for a limited time.

As a “powered-by-Kontakt” instrument, NOVO Essentials offers all playback and sound shaping functionality through the full version of Kontakt 6 or the free Kontakt 6 Player. NOVO Essentials is also NKS-ready, featuring fully-integrated support for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol & Maschine software and hardware.

NOVO Essentials is available for the intro price of $99 USD from Heavyocity and distributor Plugin Boutique through February 25th, 2019 (regular $119 USD).