Hello Samples has released Raw Vermona, a sample library featuring the sounds of the Vermona Syncussion DRM-1 analog drum synthesizer.

Raw Vermona inaugurates a new concept in sample library development.

Most contemporary sample packs focus on highly undynamic samples. Audio-destructive processes like normalization and digital compression are the norm rather than the exception. There is a loudness war going on in the sample world and everybody is on the same one-way-only train: my library has to sound louder than yours.

Here at HelloSamples we think the public (you) knows better, and that there should be a market for more dynamic sounding samplepacks. That’s why we decided to start our “Raw” analog library series.

Raw Vermona features

  • 1700+ painstakingly handcut samples, organized by type and descriptively labelled.
  • About 200 different sounds, 7x round robin hits + 300+ single one-shots.
  • 45 Maschine kits.
  • 25 MPC kits (1000/2500).
  • 154 Kontakt patches.
  • Recorded with Great River and API 512 preamps, using mastering grade converters (Black Lion Audio, Mytek).

The Raw Vermona sample pack is available to purchase for $10 USD.

More information: Hello Samples