Heritage Audio has announced its upcoming new stereo bus compressor.

Successor offers everything from FET like, all-buttons-in drum sounds (now in stereo) to VCA style mix bus with added warmth and fatness only transformers can bring.

Heritage Audio Successor

A fully Carnhill transformer coupled input and output unit, the new Successor is a true stereo diode-bridge based bus compressor with advanced sidechain filtering and built-in parallel processing capabilities, sharing the class A ´73 type output stage that Heritage Audio is famous for.

Based on legendary vintage diode bridge designs, it keeps the sonic character of such units, but the added features make it a new beast on its own and will make your mixes shine in modern production environments. Ultra-fast attack and releases allow for larger than life drum bus compression sounds, while the complex sidechain filter lets you tailor your mix in ways not previously available.

Successor will be available by the end of Q1 2019 with an MSRP of 1,299 EUR (excluding VAT) and MAP of $1,499 USD.

More information: Heritage Audio