Hermann Seib VSTHost

Hermann Seib has released version 1.46 of VSTHost and version 1.33 of SAVIHost, two freeware VST host software applications.

Changes in VSTHost v1.46 / SAVIHost v1.33

  • Can play .mp3 files (using external mpg123 package – see VSTHost documentation for details).
  • Lots of bug fixes and internal changes as usual. Since it’s been nearly two years since the last official update, there are many.
  • [VSTHost] Experimental VST3 support.
  • [VSTHost] Experimental VST Module Architecture support.
  • [VSTHost] MIDI filtering and transformations have been expanded and made much more flexible.
  • [VSTHost] Speaker configuration can be done for plug-ins that support it.
  • [VSTHost] Audio in / out is done through special pseudo-plug-ins now; this permits to remove the distinction between “insert” and “send” links between plug-ins.

VSTHost and SAVIHost are available as freeware for Windows PC (An open source version of VSTHost is also available).

More information: Hermann Seib