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Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.46 and SAVIHost to v1.33

Hermann Seib VSTHost

Hermann Seib has released version 1.46 of VSTHost and version 1.33 of SAVIHost, two freeware VST host software applications.

Changes in VSTHost v1.46 / SAVIHost v1.33

  • Can play .mp3 files (using external mpg123 package – see VSTHost documentation for details).
  • Lots of bug fixes and internal changes as usual. Since it’s been nearly two years since the last official update, there are many.
  • [VSTHost] Experimental VST3 support.
  • [VSTHost] Experimental VST Module Architecture support.
  • [VSTHost] MIDI filtering and transformations have been expanded and made much more flexible.
  • [VSTHost] Speaker configuration can be done for plug-ins that support it.
  • [VSTHost] Audio in / out is done through special pseudo-plug-ins now; this permits to remove the distinction between “insert” and “send” links between plug-ins.

VSTHost and SAVIHost are available as freeware for Windows PC (An open source version of VSTHost is also available).

More information: Hermann Seib

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