Hervé Noury has announced the release of Dazibao, a software synthesizer for Mac OS X.

It is easy to use Dazibao : first create some “sound colors” thanks to an analogy between colors and sound. The hue modifies the waveform, the saturation and brightness control the filters and the level of the noise generator. Even more, this color includes detune, vibrato and space effects. You just need then to associate these colors in a patch to create rich or complex evolutions of the sound.

Dazibao features

  • 79 waveforms, including organ effects, bells effects, analog like waveforms, keys, FM waveforms, woodwind effects and more…
  • Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter and Noise generator : the triangle of saturation and brightness of the editor will help you to control the two filters and the noise level with one click!! It works perfectly, and it is easy to control.
  • Detune and vibrato for each one of the two oscillators : control the depth and the speed of the vibrato with only one click!
  • Pan, “space effect” (short delay) and soft clipping for each voice.
  • DazibaoAU, Audio Unit plugin for use with the application, or with your favorite host sequencer:
    • Possibility to create personal sound banks (with the application) that you’ll recall in your host using MIDI Program Change messages.
    • Possibility to create your “preferred” sound bank that the audio unit will recall automatically when you’ll launch it.
    • Add expression to your patches using velocity or modulation.
    • The “pads” will respond to the MIDI General Purpose Controller 1 and 2 (MIDI Continuous controllers 16 and 17).
    • The sequencer is automatically synchronized to the host tempo value.

The Dazibao app (sound editor) for Mac is available to purchase for $28.99 USD. The free AU plugin is available to download at Noury Apple Software.

More information: Dazibao