H.G. Fortune LaserBlade VSTi

H.G. Fortune has released LaserBlade, a VSTi synth that can produce ‘sharp’ sounds as well as soft, bell-like sounds. It’s great for soundscapes and fx as well.


  • two digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 170 different waveforms
  • each oscillators with Harm+ knob for enhancing the upper harmonic structure
  • XTorsion with selectable modulation source
  • one filter (24db Lowpass w. resonance)
  • Filter-FM feedable from both oscillators separately
  • two ADSR-style envelope generators
  • three LFO (one bpm-synced; one with 42 patternstyle waves, one with shapeable waves)
  • Metallize section for more metallic timbres incl. two modulations
  • bpm-synced Stereo-Delay

With 3 different types of LFO you can have a wide range of fascinating modulations. Those used to modulate the filter will provide a really vivid sound.

There is a freeware version of LaserBlade with 2 voices. The paid Pro version (25 Euro) has 8 voices, and also includes a switchable velocity to both ADSR EG and a ‘Lazy’-button.

Check H.G. Fortune for more information and a link to download the free version of LaserBlade.