Hinton & Fairchild has launched FMetal Synth, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Hinton & Fairchild FMetal Synth

FMetal is a deceptively simple, but powerful VSTi for creating all kinds of usable metal Synth sounds, as featured in many Bigroom House Drops, Progressive, Jackin’, Electro and Dubstep.

On the face of this simplistic looking Synth you can achieve a HUGE array of unique sounds using the RANDOM X preset Button. or use one of the 140+ Presets Provided.

FMetal Synth features

  • 3 oscillators mixing up FM,PM and AM types. + sub osc
  • Morphing Wave-Table of gritty sounds.
  • Synced Step – LFO for Low-pass filter control. additional Filter Envelope Control.
  • Reverb, Distortion ,Width and Porta/Glide with Trigger Options.

The synth is available as freeware for Windows (VST).

More information: Hinton & Fairchild / FMetal Synth