HISS and a ROAR has introduced its latest sound fx sample library Water Modulations, a collection of water sounds recorded with a stereo pair MKH8040, a mono MKH8050 as well as a pair of Aquarian H2a hydrophones.

This library began as a side quest from a DIY project: installing an outdoor bath in my backyard. I soon realised it had potential for SFX recording, since being exterior there was no bathroom verb to contend with. But I was further motivated by adding the primary modulation source for this new water library: COMPRESSED AIR!

My new air compressor provides an endless supply of air bubbles, which can be controlled and performed. From blasts and bursts to sustained eruptions, variations were performed using a range of nozzles and air tools. Constricted air flow was also explored, using rubber and plastic as well as my fingers, to perform shrieks and groans with almost a vocal quality.

Comprising a total of 659 Wav files, the sound fx library also includes recordings made with seaweed and kelp, pieces of leather, bath movements, underwater fireworks, and more.

The sample library is priced $99 USD. Use coupon code AIR at the checkout to get a 33% early bird discount. This offer expires July 10th, 2022.

More information: HISS and a ROAR