Holderness Media has announced Johnny, a stereo multiwave tremolo effect for iPad.

Holderness Johnny

More than just a basic tremolo, Johnny is designed to produce a wide range of tones including classic guitar amp tremolo, vintage harmonic tremolo, phaser and univibe like tones, pulsating rhythmic patterns and more. A user can also modulate the rate of the main LFO with a second one to create interesting speed sweeps.

Johnny is designed to work nicely with guitar, but also to pair well with synths and vocals, and sound great when combined with other Holderness Media effects apps such as Crystalline in an Audiobus effect chain.

In addition to Audiobus, Johnny also works as an Inter-app Audio effect inside hosts such as Auria, Cubasis and Apple’s own Garageband.

Johnny features

  • Control Left and Right channel Tremolo Rate, Depth, Shape, and Multiwave parameters to produce everything form subtle tremolo to wildly modulated stereo tremolo effects.
  • Multiple modes including Classic Tremolo and Harmonic Tremolo.
  • Modulate the rate of the main LFOs with a second LFO for interesting speed sweep effects.
  • BPM synced tremolo including MIDI clock sync, independent per channel or linked.
  • Audiobus compatible with state saving.
  • Inter-app Audio compatible.
  • Compatible with USB audio interfaces.
  • Works great with guitar interfaces such as the Apogee Jam, Jam96k.
  • Core MIDI compatible, works with any MIDI controller via MIDI Learn.
  • Supports MIDI over Bluetooth (iOS 8, receiver).

Johnny for iPad is available for purchase for $4.99 USD at the iTunes App Store.

More information: Holderness Media / Johnny