Hollow Sun Novachord FreePack

Hollow Sun has released the Novachord FreePack, a free sample pack for Kontakt.

On offer here is a beautiful string/pad patch from our incredible Hammond Novachord in Kontakt 3.5 format.

Especially recorded and prepared for this Freepack and not available in the commercial library, it is not compromised in any way and is extensively multi-sampled across the 72-note keyboard range with long, luxurious samples that breathe and wheeze and grunt their way through the 169 valves, thousands of capacitors and miles of carefully hand-loomed wiring.

The Novachords FreePack includes six sounds in total with five program variations on the basic sample set. It is available as a free download in Kontakt 3.5 format.

More information: Hollow Sun / Novachord FreePack