Homegrown Sounds Rhodes Piano

Homegrown Sounds has added Homegrown Piano B and Homegrown Rhodes to the Homegrown Piano instrument for Windows PC.

New in Homegrown Piano

  • Homegrown Piano B
    A second sample set from the Steinway B has been added which was recorded at a harder velocity than the original Piano. The harder attack results in a much brighter sound and as a result has a very different character. It has all the same features as Homegrown Piano but comes as a separate instrument called Piano B. Patches are interchangeable between the two instruments.
  • Homegrown Rhodes
    Also included as a second bonus instrument is Homegrown Rhodes which uses samples from a well worn Rhodes Piano and has one sample per key. The Rhodes had a long history on a cruise ship and was rumored to have been played by Duke Ellington. Some of the keys are in bad condition and the idea was to capture the instrument as is, rather than creating a realistic Rhodes emulation. It has all the same features as the other Pianos but with the addition of adjustable key noises.

Homegrown Piano, including the two new instruments, is available for £30 GPB.

Visit Homegrown Sounds for more information and audio demos.