Homegrown Sounds has updated its ARP MIDI arpeggiator and note sequencer for Windows.

Homegrown Sounds ARP

ARP is an advanced Polyphonic Arp and Note Sequencer with Scale Remapping for powerful sequencing possibilities. Sequences can be re-mapped based on the played note so for example a sequence can be forced to fit to the major scale. The idea behind this is to break away from the typical note sequencer where every key simply transposes the sequence, the ability to remap each note results in a much more creative sequence.

Changes in ARP v1.4

  • 3 x CC Modulation Sequencers – For controlling any CC numbers of the target device, with independent tempo and step size, Mid Point and Amount knobs.
  • Dedicated Velocity Sequencer – For setting the velocity of each note in the sequence, the tempo and step size are locked to the main sequencer.
  • Swing/Pulse Length localised – Swing will now work at any tempo, the odd notes will always have swing applied so now there’s need to use the Master Tempo for this purpose. Pulse Length is now more controllable and a fixed percentage of the the beat length. Note that all of this is newly coded and whilst I’ve tried to follow the original settings, there may be slight discrepancies especially with swing and so some adjustment to patches that use swing may be necessary.
  • Channel 16 Pitch Shift – If midi data is received on channel 16 it will be used to re-pitch the main Sequencer. Anything above middle C will increase the pitch and below will decrease.
  • Knob Resolution – The scope of the knob has been speeded up so there is less travel distance. Holding Shift or CTRL still allow fine adjustments.
  • Bug Fix – Pitch Bend, Aftertouch and Modulation Wheel now pass through correctly.
  • Bug Fix – Problem in FL Studio where the timing was erratic for some users.

ARP for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $35 USD.

More information: Homegrown Sounds