Loopmasters has introduced a brand new taster pack of loops and samples from House of Loop. The Label Sampler 4 pack includes over 660MB of sounds some of 2022’s best selling titles.

A collection of techno, classic house, mid-tempo, slap house, percussion, minimal deep tech, dub techno, synthwave, lo-fi hip-hop, and house sounds.

House Of Loop is a London-based sound design company involving talented artists, DJs, producers, and sound designers, building interesting collections of samples with the aim of giving you the chance to find your own unique sound!

The sampler pack is available to download for £1 GBP.

Additionally, Loopmasters has launched a label focus sale on House of Loops, offering a 50% discount on dozens of sample packs until November 8th, 2022. Afro House Secret is 75% off during the promotion, priced only £4.99 GBP.

Dive deep into this distinctive Afro house sample pack from House Of Loop – packed with organic sounds and percussive rhythms.

More information: House of Loop