HY-Plugins has announced some updates to selected audio plugins.

HY-RPE2 8-track MIDI sequencer was update to version 1.0.7, fixing a problems that a crash might occur when the plugin window was closed while a popup window was opened. The step LEDs in the step mode panel are now placed correctly, and the Euclidean Seq display now updates properly.

The HY-MPS2 block-based step sequencer also get some fixes in version 1.4.7. CC modulation now works correctly when modulating more than 2 CCs, and the LFO phase no longer resets along with the host seq transport state. The issue where repeated notes would sometimes not trigger correctly has also been corrected.

Version 1.4.0 of the HY-Slicer sample slicer, step sequencer and fx chain adds a dice button on each parameter row to randomize/clear step values. The step divide parameter was fixed to stop it from making the pattern chainer unstable, and the update also includes a few other minor changes.

Check the HY-Plugins website for more details.