Sounds 2 Inspire has introduced Hybrid Ambience, a free expansion pack for the Hybrid 3 synthesizer instrument by AIR Music Technology.

The expansion features 120 out-of-this-world, out of the ordinary presets and soundscapes.

While most of the soundbanks and expansions you find are for Techno, EDM, Trance etc… That contain harsher, LOUD and explosive synth sounds. I decided to take this expansion to another direction and another dimension… Hybrid Ambience focuses on Pads, Ambient Sounds and Sequences with highly relaxing and tasteful sounds that explore some of the intricate & complex features inside Hybrid 3 Synthesizer.

Insta generate new unexplored worlds and unheard sounds, vast and neverending planes of soundscapes. Hybrid Ambience is specially directed for all fans of “engineered relaxation”, inspired on artists such as Carbon Based Lifeforms, HUVA Network, Shpongle, Solar Fields, Bluetech, Aes Dana, Ott, Asura, Zero Cult, Vibrasphere and More – Best of all, Hybrid Ambience is Free!

The expansion includes:

  • 79 beautiful bright pads, dark pads, sequenced pads & ambiences.
  • 15 deep dub chord hits in various forms, from classic to abstract & unique.
  • 12 dreamy keys, plucks & short leads – great for soft sounding melodies.

Hybrid Ambience is a free download for Hybrid 3.0.

More information: Sounds2Inspire