HyperSynth has released firmware version 2.0 of the Xenophone analog synthesizer.

HyperSynth Xenophone

Xenophone is an advanced analog mono-synth with 100% analog signal path. It has three oscillators, two subs, four ring modulators, one multimode VCF and analog distortion, all based on discrete analog circuits followed by a high quality stereo digital delay and reverb.

The extensive modulation capabilities of the sound engine plus the warm and unique character of Xen’s filter enriched by built-in analog distortion make it the best choice for creating deep basses, aggressive leads, transparent and crisp synth lines, acid sequences, complex arpeggios, punchy percussive sounds, extreme SFXs and more.

Changes in Xenophone firmware v2.0

  • Added Duophonic mode.
  • Now all parameters with dedicated controls (knob/button) respond to soft knobs.
  • Now you can fine-tune Filter Frequecny, Env depth and LFO rates using soft knobs.
  • Now for all buttons, first click displays parameter’s edit-page without changing the value.
  • Now LFO rate LEDs fade up/down according to LFO wave.
  • Redesigned envelope display format.
  • Now envelope page 2 and 3 are merged to show Delay/Hold/Style/Trigger in one page.
  • Now SEQ edit-pages memorize the last edit position.
  • Now you can navigate to all Arp/Seq edit-pages using [select] button.
  • Now external clock does not trigger notes when Arp/Seq set to off.
  • Now [preview] buttons do not trigger Amp envelope when “arp span=off” (Start/Stop mode).
  • Now OSC3 does not respond to pitch wheel data when keytrk=off.
  • Minor improvements in captions and text location on the screen.
  • Fixed OSC3 random pitch change when keytrk=off.
  • Fixed CV-Out reversed order in global menu (V-Trig/S-Trig).
  • Fixed Amp Envelope malfunction in RC style with long attack and release (Trig=Analog1/2).
  • Fixed issue in starting point of Amp Envelope release stage.
  • Fixed Amp Envelope style problem that could be set to an out of range value after “EXP”.
  • Fixed Arp pattern reset issue while changing detune and drift parameters.
  • Fixed portamento time problem that was not changed during gate-on time.
  • Fixed “LFO3 Target” that was displayed wrongly as “LFO2”.
  • Fixed issue with “Filter Env Depth” and “LFO1/3 Depth” that could not be set to zero in some circumstances.
  • Fixed soft knob E4 malfunction in last page of main section.
  • Fixed rare bug that caused soft knobs to be temporarily disabled after updating ENV parameters via MIDI.
  • Fixed bug in “UI-Fixed Mode” that caused unwanted jump to OSC3 edit page.

The firmware v2.0 update is available for download now. Xenophone is available for purchase starting at $899 USD ex tax and shipping.

More information: HyperSynth / Xenophone