Iconic Instruments has announced the release of a new virtual instrument that emulates one of the most recognizable drum synths of the 1980s, the Simmons SDS-V.

The Iconic V lets you recreate throwback grooves in the style of great artists like Duran Duran, Howard Jones and Naked Eyes, or put your own spin on a classic era. You get eight fully tweakable drums and cymbals, plus a comprehensive mixer, onboard effects, and new circuit-bent parameters that weren’t available on the original.

The full mixing environment includes Drive, Compression, Transient Shaping, EQ and Tape effects for each drum or cymbal. On the FX channel, you can adjust comprehensive Delay and Reverb parameters for the two sends.

Iconic V features

  • Eight original drum units painstakingly recreated, including the ultra-rare hi-hat and cymbal modules.
  • Comprehensive synthesis controls for a broad range of classic beats, plus nostalgic preset kits.
  • Circuit-bent controls that go beyond the original: Snare FM, Filter Resonance, Click Defeat.
  • Mix console with effects – Drive, Comp, Transient Shaper, HP/LP Filters, EQ, Tape Saturation.
  • Delay and Reverb sends with authentic 80s-era reverb impulse responses including gated and non-lin reverb.
  • 64 output buses for routing to DAW channels.
  • Achieve instant and precise drum tuning, or play a single drum across your keyboard with Target mode.

Iconic V for Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 6 Player is out now for the intro price of $79 USD until July 1st, 2022 (regular $99 USD).

More information: Iconic Instruments