IK Multimedia is has announced the release of TONEX for Windows and Mac, the core element of AmpliTube TONEX, IK’s previously introduced complete software ecosystem which lets users model their own rig and play, practice and record with thousands of ultra-realistic Tone Models of amps and pedals.

A revolutionary concept in rig modeling, TONEX Mac/PC uses breakthrough AI Machine Modeling technology to let users capture the sound of any amp, cabinet, combo or pedal (like fuzz, distortion, overdrive, EQ, booster) and turn it into a Tone Model, all with ease and a sonic accuracy that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

TONEX Mac/PC works as a standalone and plug-in for all the major DAWs. Plus it’s available seamlessly inside AmpliTube 5, appearing as additional gear with direct access to all the user’s Tone Models. TONEX has two main sections: the Modeler, where the AI Machine Modeling Tone Models are captured and generated; and the Player, where the Tone Models can be searched, played, customized and uploaded to ToneNET.

Various editions of TONEX for Windows and Mac are available for purchase and download at introduction prices starting from 99.99 USD/EUR. AmpliTube 5 MAX users are eligible for an extra 50 USD/EUR discount coupon on TONEX MAX.

TONEX CS including 20 Tone Models and 10 Amps/5 Pedals is free to download, and TONEX SE is now included with AXE I/O and AXE I/O Solo audio interfaces for guitar and bass players.

More information: IK Multimedia