Iliadis Efthimia Organ

Iliadis has announced the Efthimia Organ, a virtual instrument which simulates a Hammmond Clone Organ.

The Sound of this Instrument is not the usual Clean Sine Sound. It’s wilder but still warm. 9 Standard Drawbars for the Upper, 9 for the Lower Manual, 6 for the Pedals, a Percussion Osc with his Harmonic Selector, a Key Click Imitation, the Classical Vibrato Scanner and the Studio Reverb made the Efthimia Organ very powerful.

Efthimia Organ features

  • 64 Notes Polyphony for the Upper Manual and 64 for the Lower. The Pedals Section is Monophonic.
  • 9 “Standard” Drawbars for the Upper Manual, 9 for the Lower and 6 for the Pedals.
  • A Percussion OSC with a Selector for the “Standard” 9 Harmonics. Adjustable Decay and Level. A Touch Button switches On/Off.
  • Key Click Imitation. Adjustable Decay and Level. A Touch Button switches On/Off.
  • Vibrato/Chorus Virtual Scanner (V-1, C-1, V-2, C-2, V-3, C-3). A Touch Button switches On/Off generally. One Touch Button for the Upper and another for the Lower Manual makes it possible to set On/Off the Vibrato/Chorus for each Manual.
  • Adjustable Master Reverb (Studio Type), Tune and Level.
  • 128 Programms available.
  • Vintage Look GUI.
  • Low CPU consumption.

Efthimia Organ will be available soon as a VST instrument for Windows PC. It will be distributed as donationware, with a minimum required donation of 20 EUR.

More information: Iliadis