Iliadis iBX Organ

Iliadis has released iBX Organ, a virtual organ instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

The iBX Organ is a single Manual Virtual Tonewheel Organ with a rich and authentic Sound very close to the good old days Electromagnetic Organs, including an amazing Rotary Speaker Simulation and with great Graphics.

iBX Organ features

  • 73 Notes Polyphony.
  • 9 “Standard 9 steps” Drawbars with a clean Sine Sound.
  • Percussion Osc. Adjustable Decay and Volume. An On/Off Switch and a Switch for the Harmonic Selection (2nd and 3rd).
  • Key Click Imitation. Adjustable Attack/Release and Volume.
  • Classical Vibrato/Chorus Virtual Scanner with an On/Off Switch.
  • Stereo Rotary Speaker Simulation. Adjustable Speed, Depth and Spread. An On/Off and a Fast/Slow Switch.
  • Tube Overdrive Simulation.
  • Adjustable Global Tone and Volume.
  • 32 Programms available.
  • LCD Screen.
  • GUI Selector. 2 GUIs available.
  • Low CPU consumption.

iBX Organ is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC, priced at 10 EUR.

More information: Iliadis