Ilya Efimov Sound Production has announced the release of Russian Domra, a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Classic favorite of Russian luthiers, the Domra, with its long neck, oval body and three-string design, is a familiar sight to lovers of traditional Russian stringed instruments.

An integral part of Russian folk orchestra, the Domra is generally used to carry the melody line, and is available in several forms: piccolo, small, alto, bass and contra-bass.

Its articulations such as tremolo, flageolets, pizzicato, glissando and mute are sampled and intended to provide the ability to express the full range of the instrument.

Ilya Efimov Russian Domra

The domra is a long-necked Russian string instrument of the lute family with a round body and three or four metal strings.

Russian Domra features

  • 795 samples (44.1kHz/24bit, stereo).
  • 8 velocity layers for each note, Round-Robin.
  • 9 different articulations.
  • Speed and realistic dynamic tremolo control.
  • Strumming keys, Repetition keys.
  • String select.
  • Natural glissando for pizzicato and tremolo articulations.

The sample library is available to purchase for 39 EUR.

More information: Ilya Efimov / Russian Domra