Image-Line has released version 1.20 of Deckadance, the popular DJ mixing application.

Changes in v1.20

  • New: Mac OSX release (Universal Binary).
  • New: Redesign of the Digital Vinyl System panel. It includes now a real-time signal spectroscope and an easy-to-use interface.
  • New: Vinyl timecode control of decks inside Live and Live LE.
  • New: Minihost with support for DirectSound drivers and new features as tap master tempo and window resize/move.
  • New: Native support for Numark Total Control console.
  • New: Transform button now also includes “cut” mode.
  • Internal changes to the browser to increase his efficiency.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.
  • Fixed important cpu usage bug in Windows version.
  • Added white and black updated skins.

Deckadance is available for Windows PC and Mac OSX (UB) and costs $99 USD for the House Edition, and $179 USD for the Club Edition (includes timecoded vinyl/CD support).

Visit the Deckadance website for more information, videos and a link to download a demo of Deckadance.