Sound Particles, well recognized for their groundbreaking 3D audio software, has released four new translations of its free All You Need To Know About 3D Audio eBook, which is now also available in French, German, Korean and Spanish.

After the success of the English, Chinese and Japanese versions, Sound Particles brings four new translations with the goal of helping professionals around the world to transition into the immersive audio field.

With this free eBook, sound enthusiasts will be able to find all the answers they’re looking for in a detailed, complete and easy-to-read guide that has been downloaded almost 10,000 times. In addition, Sound Particles also released a video series summarizing the most relevant information on this topic in just over an hour, covering channel-based audio, object-based audio, Ambisonics, and binaural.

“3D Sound is the future and the last big challenge in audio,” says Nuno Fonseca, CEO and founder of Sound Particles. “Yes, it may be a little confusing for someone to understand all the formats that currently exist, but the goal of this eBook and video series is to give people the initial push, allowing everyone to start working on this new creative field.”

The “All You Need To Know About 3D Audio” eBook is free to download in your desired language from the Sound Particles website.