Impact Soundworks has announced that the Shreddage 3 family of electric guitars and basses will be more expandable and affordable than ever with a new single license system.

This will allow you to get new instruments and upgrade older Shreddage 2 guitars for excellent prices using a single license (serial).

Whether you have every previous Shreddage 2 series guitar or you’re new to the family, our new generation of Shreddage 3 virtual instruments is designed to be powerful, expandable, and affordable!

We plan on incorporating all of our electric guitars and basses as Shreddage 3 instruments. You’ll register, activate, and use all of these libraries from a single tab in Kontakt using a single serial number (license).

With this system, you only need to buy ONE Shreddage 3 license to use ANY S3 instruments. This means adding more S3 guitars & basses to your library will be more affordable than ever, as you won’t be paying a license/serial fee each time. The S3 license will show up in your User Account with your serial attached.

Over the next year, Impact Soundworks will be releasing a number of Shreddage 2 libraries re-programmed for the S3 Engine, offering S2 users no-brainer upgrade pricing.

More information: Impact Soundworks