VST Buzz has launched a two-week sale on the Kontakt Player-powered Fredonia Grand Organ, offering a 65% discount on the virtual organ instrument by Impact Soundworks.

The Fredonia Grand Organ places the power and majesty of a full pipe organ at your fingertips with unparalleled depth and range — 39 stops that can be combined for endless possible tones. Featuring one of the biggest sounds you’ve ever used, easily adjusted from a delicate to an almost cosmic scale.

Fredonia Grand Organ features

  • All 39 stops individually sampled: Mix and match anywhere from 1 to all 39 tones to create your own sound. Original volumes preserved for accuracy.
  • All 4 divisions included: Swell, Positiv, Pedal, and Great.
  • 4 mic positions plus stereo master mix: KM184 XY, Mid-Side, Opus, QTC40 AB, and a pre-mixed, memory-efficient position.
  • Meticulous chromatic sampling: Every key recorded with long, looping sustains.
  • Beautiful custom UI.
  • Multiple methods of control.
  • Crescendo and Swell pedals.
  • Deep editing controls for power users.
  • CONSOLE FX rack and mixer.

The library is on sale for 45 EUR instead of 129 EUR until March 21st, 2023. Prices ex. VAT in EU. Use promo code VST10OFF at the checkout to get an additional 10% discount on a purchase in celebration of VST Buzz’s 10th anniversary.

More information: VST Buzz