Impact Soundworks has announced the release of a versatile bass processing audio plugin featuring 4 distinct FX modules in a single lightweight UI.

Bass Sculptor offers surgical EQ and filtering, imaging, compression, and subharmonic synthesis with custom DSP created by programmer Jatin Chowdhury of ChowdhuryDSP.

With both zero latency and mastering-grade linear phase modes, Bass Sculptor is suitable for live use, mixing, and mastering alike. Its uses range from expanding and filling out weak kick drum and bass guitar parts, to cleaning up low-frequency phase issues, smoothing out wild EDM synths, carefully sculpting full mixes, and more.

“We created this plugin with speed, performance, and ease-of-use in mind,” said ISW lead developer Andrew Aversa. “Rather than using 3 or 4 separate plugins to clean up, tighten, or fill out a kick or bass part, Bass Sculptor can do it all.”

Four included modules:

  • Subharmonic generator: True synthesis of sub-frequencies based on the input signal; not just a simple pitch-shifter or octaver.
  • Bass Imager: Collapses low frequencies to mono using one of three processing modes, ideal for making club-friendly mixes.
  • Bass EQ & Filter: Surgical high-pass and single-band EQ with both minimal and linear-phase modes.
  • Bass Compressor: Highly-responsive compression of bass frequencies at up to 10:1 ratio.

Bass Sculptor is now available, priced $59 USD at the Impact Soundworks store. It is available in VST3, AU, and AAX formats, with no dongle required.

More information: Impact Soundworks