Audio Plugin Deals has launched a sale on Resonance Emotional Mallets, offering a 74% discount on the Kontakt instrument library by Impact Soundworks.

Inspired by composers like Thomas Newman and Danny Elfman, Resonance Emotional Mallets includes both natural patches which offer the original unprocessed recordings, as well as designed patches that lend themselves well to cinematic music.

Resonance Emotional Mallets by Impact Soundworks is a unique sample library consisting of various custom mallet instruments that are charged with emotion. All instruments have been deeply sampled in exquisite detail providing immediate inspiration. From the moment you first touch the keyboard you will feel the emotion.

The library runs on Kontakt 4+ with an instrument interface that is relatively simple to use ensuring no barriers between your creativity and the instrument.

Resonance features

  • Over 4,000 pristine 24-bit samples.
  • Deep sampled velocity + RR layers.
  • Dry, close-miced sound with a touch of air.
  • Sound design collection.
  • Mallets, fingers, hand and bowed playing.
  • Tonal, atonal and percussive sounds.
  • Aquarion, stonaphone, pipeharp, wrenchaphone.
  • Boltophone, glass gong, bass tongue drum.
  • Glass tongue drum, metal whale drum, metal sheet.
  • Metal ensemble, pot lids, gamelan ensemble.
  • Extensive sound design/FX patches.

Resonance Emotional Mallets is on sale for only $19.99 USD until June 6th, 2021 (regular $79 USD). A purchase includes $19.99 USD in rewards, which can be used for a purchase of any product in The Shop.

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