Reveal Sound has launched a brand new sound pack for the Spire software synthesizer instrument.

Significant 80s Vol. 4 by Saif Sameer features a collection of Spire presets with an emphasis on the realistic emulation of vintage analog and digital synthesis, bringing faithful emulations and sounds inspired by hardware synthesizers.

The Significant 80s project is all about the Hauntology genre, as an experience of hypnotizing our senses by listening & enjoying a track from the past decades, but it doesn’t belong to that timeline!

The overall feel of the sounds in this pack is bright-full, optimistic & nostalgic, which is contrary to subgenres like Cyberpunk. This pack focuses on the Retrofuturism – a futuristic vibe of Hypnagogic Pop [H-Pop] music derived from a retrospective establishment – suitable for a wider range of music genres, from Electro-House to EDM & Riddim.

The presets are ranging from basses to vibrant keys, Sci-Fi pads & top-notch synths, all presets are labeled, categorized* and assigned to all Macros, capable to tweak the sound to reach a totally different sonic structure, and that indeed provides a complete, professional morphable preset library to fulfill the nowadays music production demands.

Priced $38 USD, the sound pack includes 130 presets (and 40 variations), 5 soung kits with MIDI, audio stems and presets. The “Spire presets only” pack is $22 USD.

More information: Reveal Sound