Imperfect Samples Hohner White Baby Grand Piano

Imperfect Samples has announced the release of Hohner White Baby Grand Piano, a sample library for EXS24 and Kontakt.

The Hohner White Baby Grand Piano has a warm and intimate sound that sits between a full size grand and an upright. The White Baby Grand is desirable for certain situations where you want an intimate grand sound without sterility.

An original Hohner Schwarzwald White Baby Grand Piano was painstakingly recorded to create this beautiful instrument. As with all Imperfect Samples’ libraries, the emphasis has been placed on achieving a hyper-real and convincing sampled instrument, with performance sounds.

The White Baby Grand sets new levels in the world of sampling: featuring 34 velocity layers with release samples, piano effects, and a choice of 3 microphone perspective, with 24bit audio fidelity, the Hohner White Baby Grand is the largest sampled piano library available.

Hohner White Baby Grand Piano Editions:

  • Basic — 8 layers of this distinctive Grand (£39.99)
  • Pro — 16 layers of perspective 1, and an extra mic perspective with 9 layers (£89.98)
  • Complete — 17 layers and 3 mic perspectives give the White Baby Grand (complete) added versatility and dynamics (£119.97)
  • Extreme — 34 layers and 3 mic perspectives, for a total of 18,000 samples in 60GB. (planned for release in August, will ship on a portable harddisk).

The Hohner White Baby Grand Piano is currently available for EXS24 and Kontakt (requires full version of Kontakt 2/3).

More information: Imperfect Samples