Modartt Rock Piano

Modartt has released Rock Piano, a new add-on for its virtual piano instrument Pianoteq.

The Rock piano add-on instrument is developed to meet requirements for a specific pop/rock piano, modelled from a well known Japanese grand piano, frequently seen on stages and very much appreciated by touring artists for its musical qualities and reliability. The instrument comes with three variants: Stage, Chamber, Studio.

Rock Piano features

  • YC5 Stage has a percussive and bright tone suitable for pop/rock mixes, and fits also very nicely to dreamy solo ballades.
  • YC5 Chamber has a coloured and singing tone, well adapted for solos that demand a full and rich timbre.
  • YC5 Studio is designed for achieving a particular strong and close presence, often appreciated in studio production.

The Rock Piano add-on is available for purchase for 29 EUR. It is currently also included as a free bonus with the purchase of a Pianoteq licence (until September 30, 2009).

More information: Modartt