Indaba Music has announced it is hosting 3 back-to-back contests (remix and mixing) for 3 original tracks by Heart Rate.

The 3 contests are featuring over $55,000 USD in prizes and there will be a total of 15 winners with prizes from SSL, Plugin-Alliance, IK Multimedia, Maag Audio, UFO Recordz, and more.

The “Reality” Remix Contest has just launched. The song offers bits and pieces from Progressive EDM, Deep House, Future Bass, Trap, Rock, and Pop, featuring acoustic pianos, guitars, soothing female vocals, and bass-heavy drop.

Heart Rate is a multi-genre producer and artist creating a unique style of music, which can be appreciated by lovers of multiple music genres.

The music video is an animated creation depicting the vulnerability of human relationships. The lyrics of “Reality” (written by Heart Rate) speak about the walls we as humans have around our hearts. The video is a beautiful animation of our constant desire to extinguish the fire burning in our hearts out of the fear. Despite us all wanting love in our lives, we are afraid of getting hurt. So, we do all we can to prevent ourselves from pain. Even if this means going without love.

Deep down we all want love in our lives. We all want to love ourselves more deeply. We all want to be loved by others in an authentic way. The lyrics of “Reality” speak about this basic human need.

The reality of life is that love is the most vital thing we all crave. It is up to us to overcome our fears and allow that fire in our hearts to burn brightly. The official music video showcases two characters battling their urge to block their hearts from love, but in the end, the two open their hearts to each other.

The video was produced by Ashley Anderson and Jacob Mann. It was originally a short animated film. The creators were kind enough to allow us the rights to use this video as the official music video for “Reality.”

You can submit your remix until March 15th, 2018.

More information: Indaba Music