Industrial Strength Samples has launched a new Tech collection series sample pack. Perc Tech features a collection of 59 percussive loops kits which dive into forward thinking banging Techno.

Industrial Strength Perc Tech

Each Kit is tempo marked at 124 Bpm and delivers percussive elements to drive each Kit into your next session. This inspirational collection also features Kicks Loops, Top Loops,Snare Loops, Bass Loops and of course loads of electronic Percussion sounds. You can mix and match the Kits, use as is, or just mangle them up with your own Techno grooves for maximum use.

These amazing Kits can also be used in Native instruments Tractor Remix Decks to make your sets stand out while DJing. All the content is 100% License Free so no need to worry about using them in your recored DJ sets or Music productions.

Each Industrial Strength Loop Kit comes equipped with a full loop and all the stems, so you have thee most flexible 24 bit audio on the market. This latest edition works very well with our Hard Tech and Dark Tech sample packs. You can easily use all the packs in tandem to create your next Techno banger like never before.

Perc Tech also features a slew of Mad Effects, Heavy Kick Drums and additional Percussive Loops taking this collection to a whopping 1 Gb of audio goodness.

The sample pack is available for purchase from Loopmasters for £13.95 GBP.

Also released is Lenny Dee Snare, a collection of boutique analog snare drums for any style of music.

Industrial Strength Lenny Dee Snare

This crazy Snare pack is geared up for layering and using with modern drum software. The incredible selection of snares was recorded in studios from around the world.

Snare features over 500 Snare Shots. The snare drums have been captured by 2 Inch, Half Inch and Quarter inch Tapes as well as Dat, Sampler Discs, Various Mixers and loads of Mic pres. This pack includes snare drums form across Lenny Dee’s drum packs mixed with loads of new content.

All the samples have been re recorded back into Pro Tools Hd. Each sound has been edited and leveled for instant use. The Snare sounds are raw and ready for layering and effects. Each sound within this pack has plenty of head room so you can create unique monster snares.

The Lenny Dee Snare pack costs £12.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Industrial Strength Samples