Boz Digital Labs has released Big Beautiful Door, an audio effect plugin that takes a fresh approach to EQ and dynamics, offering separate EQ for loud and quiet sounds and advanced sidechaining in an intuitive interface.

Boz Digital Labs Big Beautiful Door

Big Beautiful door is what you get when an EQ and a Gate make a baby together. Then, right when the baby comes out, you inject it with a few doses of steroids. Seriously, this thing is so powerful and is really easy to use. This is not a one trick pony. This does everything from ducking your bass when your kick hits, to acting as the world’s most powerful vocal EQ. Big Beautiful Door opens up a whole new world of creativity and streamlines your workflow like no other dynamics plugin.

Big Beautiful Door gives you separate eq over your loud and your quiet parts of your track. This lets you EQ your quiet sounds separately from your loud sounds. A paragraph of text won’t come close to describing how powerful this option is, so watch some of the demo videos to see what opportunities this opens up.

Advanced sidechaining gives you complete control over how Big Beautiful Door reacts to your input. Do you need to eq out the low end of your bass when your kick drum hits? This is how you do it. Or maybe you need to eq out the midrange of your back track whenever your vocals come it. Big Beautiful Door makes this easy to do without automation.

Big Beautiful Door for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) is available from Plugin Boutique at an introductory discount until June 9th, 2017.

More information: Boz Digital Labs / Big Beautiful Door