Industrial Strength Samples has launched Pharmaceutical Movie Clips sample pack featuring a collection of vocal samples.

The content provided has been sorted thru and does not contain any offensive samples that are directed to any one or any one group of people. It’s comical and pretty hardcore at the same time.

Pharmaceutical Movie Clips offers up some thee best drug propaganda films know to man and then some.

Pharmaceutical Movie Clips features

  • 113 Bonus Audio.
  • 24 Class A.
  • 20 Freak Outs.
  • 35 Party Time.
  • 95 Just Say No.
  • 10 Laser System.
  • 67 Lsd.
  • 104 Marijuana.
  • 12 ICU.
  • 9 MRI.
  • 46 Various Med samples.
  • 25 Pharmaceutical.

The sample pack costs £25.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples