Industrial Strength Samples has announced its latest sound pack Industrium, a collection of loops, one shots and Massive synth presets for Industrial and EBM producers.

Industrial Strength Industrium for NI Massive

Industrium features a brand new sound set for NI Massive. We should say an insane set of Experimental, Creepy Dark presets. The sounds were made from the ground up. The NI Massive portion of this pack features really weird sound Fx, Strange synth sounds, experimental industrial Bass sounds and loads of different patches to explore in your next production.

This experimental pack also includes a set of 24 Bit Audio Files. These Loops, Shots and Clips can be used and abused in any Daw or soft Sampler. The pack features loads of clip for you to Edit up jam loads of Fx on them and create something new..The levels of the audio is super ready for your Sonic Touch. The pack features loads of raw content to get your sound design on!

Like all our packs Industrium is 100% License Free. Yep 100%. You can expect to find the unexpected in the newest sound pack. If you’re into off the wall style electronic music products, EBM, Power Noise Heavy Industrial Gothic, and of course straight up Industrial Techno you might find this pack useful.

Industrium comprises 128 Massive presets and 534 MB of loops and one shots, including drums and percussion, synth, vox clips, textured guitars, strange melodies, sound fx, pads, old radio sounds, bass, industrial sounds, and more.

The pack is available for £23.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples