Inear Display has announced Bucephal, a delay effect plug-in for Windows and Mac that lets you mangle delay times with modulators.

Bucephal is a delay plugin not meant to be used as a delay. It gives you two parallel delay lines, each one up to 2 seconds, and lets you mangle delay times with two nice modulators. Thanks to an envelope follower and a LFO, Bucephal can fulfill some of your daily glitch needs, morphing between vibrato, flanging, pitch shifting, and crushing effects. The large modulation range of delay times can lead to some pleasingly annoying artifacts, and if your incoming audio needs even more dirt, the randomizer and waveshaper will be there to help.

Bucephal features

  • 2 parallel delay lines with up to 2 seconds length.
  • Time parameter interpolation provides nice pitch artifacts.
  • First delay line time can be controlled by an envelope follower.
  • Second delay line time can be controlled by a LFO (tempo free or synced).
  • Classic waveforms for the LFO (sin, square, saw up, saw down, triangle, sample and hold).
  • 7 mix modes.
  • Soft clipping and waveshaping can be applied to the output.
  • Randomizer.
  • Clean minimalist interface.
  • Lifetime free updates for registered customers.

Bucephal for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 10 EUR until June 8, 2012 (regular 20 EUR).

More information: Inear Display