Inear Display has updated the Bucephal effect plugin for Windows and Mac to version 1.2.

The major update comes with a new, vector based GUI, custom preset format, new MIDI learn, and much more.

Bucephal is a sound mangling plugin based on two delay lines designed to be mutated by four modulators freely assignable to the time and feedback.

Changes in Becuphal v1.2

  • Everything has been rewritten from scratch.
  • Brand new UI, totally vector based so that it can be resized using the bottom right handle.
  • New custom preset format: the presets can now be shared between all platforms / formats.
  • New copy protection scheme using a serial number.
  • New MIDI learn system.
  • MIDI LFO retrigger.
  • Factory presets by Ivo Ivanov from GLITCHMACHINES.
  • Gain slider for each delay line.
  • Assignable modulator for delay time and feedback with independent modulation amount.
  • 2 Envelope followers and 2 LFOs.
  • New sensitivity control for the envelope followers.
  • New waveshaper mode : “dirt” based on the algorithm used in Gorgon.
  • “Hard clipper” and “dirt” modes now have an additional “Boost” control.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

Bucephal for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) costs 20 EUR. You can still take advantage of the new year sale to get 50% off any purchase by entering the code NOISY2013 at checkout.

More information: Inear Display