Tonerig has launched an audio effect that can modulate pitch and amplitude randomly to provide a lo-fi vibe to your sound.

Both the pitch section and amplitude section of Instability have a stereo control, which allows for modulating the left and right channel separately. The plugin can produce both incredibly slow evolving textures as well as quick warbly messes.

Instability is a random modulator of pitch and amplitude that can be used to breathe life into any sound by adding a slight bit of movement.

You can create crazy, chaotic warbling messes, produce pretty chorus-like effects with a huge stereo image, or make your sounds as if they’ve played through an old tape recorder for that lo-fi aesthetic.

Instability comes in VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac.

Normally a “name your price” download starting from $10 USD, the plugin is currently available for free as part of a special Bedroom Producers Blog offer until January 26th.

More information: Tonerig