BOOM Library has announced a new sound library featuring biological mutation sound fx.

Mutate Organic features evolving, warping and twisting sounds that were recorded using various experimentation techniques on a large array of synthesizers with organic, mineral matter and props.

The sound library comes in Designed and Construction Kit versions.

Mutate Organic Construction Kit: This versatile collection equips you with over 12.5 GB of stretching, ripping, dripping, bone twisting, and other gruesome sounds. Designing a mutating, evolving organism was never possible in such audio detail before.

Mutate Organic Designed: Going one step further, the Designed collection builds upon the Construction Kit for a more focused, fully engineered, ready-to-use collection. Each of the 112 sound files come with multiple variations, making it easy to find the right sound to use immediately or to layer with another sound for your own unique creation. The bone crunching low-end sound has been intensified as well, giving an extra emphasis on the organic and grotesque transformations at your fingertips.

The Construction Kit is priced $179 USD, while the Designed set is $119 USD. The bundle of both is on sale at a 20% discount until February 2nd, 2021 (regular $239 USD).

More information: BOOM Library