Laurence Davies InstaJungle

InstaJungle is a VST plugin inspired by Bram’s (SmartElectronix) SupaTrigga, but the fact that they both buffer incoming audio and then slice it is the only thing they have in common. InstaJungle will let you slice beats on the fly, and let you play back different slices in the buffer with just the movement of a slider or the twist of a knob. It works best with a midi controller.

Note: Reports from some users that this plug-in appears to have access violation errors on several hosts (i.e. Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, energyXT). Use with caution.

Instajungle has been updated to include some nifty things and fix some other things.

New/fixed stuff in version 0.2

  • Fixed reverse so that it will start reversing as soon as the next slice is placed, not immediately after hitting the button. It sounds tighter this way.
  • Made some changes to the buffer copying algorithms. Hopefully no more crashes.
  • Added some new stuff – Sync Slice Start and Sync Slice Length. These basically enable/disable tempo sync on the start of a slice and it’s length respectively. Good for Gantz Graf style stuff, among other things.

More information and a link to download at the InstaJungle website.