Engadget is reporting that one of the devs at the iPhone Dev Wiki (just Google them, they don’t like to be linked to) has managed to compile working binaries for a Hello World application on the Apple iPhone.

iPhone running Hello World

iPhone running the UIKit Hello World application

From Engadget:

It’s still a little way off from meaning anything to the average user, but the enterprising folks over at iPhone Dev Wiki have finally turned out binaries and source code for their very first compiled iPhone app. Of course, all it does is spit out the ubiquitous programmer shout-out “Hello World,” but make no mistake — this is a huge step in getting usable, real-world apps into end users’ hands without Apple’s or AT&T’s official blessing, and the fact that anyone can download this source and roll their own proof of concept is pretty darned comforting. “Hello World,” indeed.

I don’t know if it’s totally legal (I don’t own an iPhone so I don’t know if there’s a certain user license agreement), but it’s pretty cool someone found a way to run their own software on the iPhone anyway.

The big question will be if Apple is going to include “little extras” in their iPhone software updates, to break these hacks again…