Isotonik Studios has announced the release of ADM Chip, a collection of Instrument Racks of the “chiptune” variety, offered by Brian Funk as AfroDJMac over the years.

It includes 136 instruments reminiscent of the retro vibe of (and often directly sampled from) classic video game consoles of the 80s and 90s. These types of sounds were originally implemented back in the day with severe restrictions on the number of voices and available timbres due to hardware limitations, but those very limitations shaped an entire era of music to have a certain characteristic vibe.

Due to their ubiquitous saturation in the consciousness of kids growing up during that time period, “8-Bit” sounds have gained a lasting, permanent appeal (especially among “Generation X”) that tugs at the heartstrings of nostalgia. If you’ve followed Brian Funk for any length of time, you may notice a certain affinity for the retro 8-Bit aesthetic that shines through his work, and this collection is the zenith of that sentiment.

ADM Chip is available for $38.99 USD. It requires Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5 or higher.

More information: Isotonik Studios