Isotonik Studios has announced availability of Elements, a sound pack by Limbic Bits Sound Design for the Novation Circuit groovebox.

Elements is a patch bank for Novation Circuit. It contains two Banks of 32 patches each including warm pads, vast digital textures, analogue basses and complex leads. To start right away, this pack additionally features 64 samples with a selection of kicks, percussion and hihats!

Elements for Novation Circuit is a tailor-made patch bank for all producers of Techno, Ambient, Electronica and the like. This patch bank provides a vast selection of lush Pads, experimental Textures, of course Basses and lead Sounds. Limbic Bits dived deep into Circuit’s synth engine. As a result, you can expect granular ambiences, dynamic FM-sounds and VHS-like analogue spheres.

So why Elements? Well when you hear the sounds that this patchbank can bring you’ll understand but here’s a sample of the names and you’ll start to get the idea….

Elements is available for £20 GBP/ 20 EUR / $22 USD.

More information: Isotonik Studios