The Drum Broker has launched IV Samples Vol. 4, a new all original sample and composition kit by composer and producer IV The Polymath.

IV The Polymath The IV Samples Vol 4

The IV Samples Vol. 4 features 12 original compositions by Multi Instrumentalist, Composer, and Producer IV The Polymath. These samples were composed with the hip hop producer in mind, but can span many other genres. When Polymath is composing samples, he always puts himself back in the position of someone sampling off of vinyl. He often asks himself, “What would I hear on a vinyl record I?” and “What kind of composition would make the dopest beat?”. This unique approach to the atheistic of sample composition captures the authenticity and soul that attracts us as producers and crate diggers.

The IV Samples is an infusion of jazz and funk, Polymath’s specialty, but also incorporates weird textures, melodies, and voices to give producers something fresh that hasn’t been done yet.
The inspiration for The IV Samples Vol. 4 was to provide something fresh, non-recycled, and unique to the producer community

Instruments Used: Jaco Fretless Jazz Bass, Nord Lead 2, Nord Electro 3, Yamaha Motif ES6, Korg Microkorg XL, Korg Microkorg OG, Condenser Mics & Pre-amps, various effects pedals & DI Boxes, & various acoustic percussion instruments.

IV Samples Vol. 4 is available for $29.99 USD.

More information: The Drum Broker / IV Samples Vol. 4