iZotope Studio Processing Bundle

The iZotope 64-bit Studio Processing Bundle incorporates iZotope’s three stunning 64-bit audio processors—Ozone 3, Spectron and Trash—in one affordable bundle.

By integrating several effects into one processing system with pristine 64-bit fidelity, each iZotope plug-in replaces several competing tools, optimizes workflow, and maximizes signal quality. Most importantly, these incredible-sounding processors expand your creative palette with unique effects that simply aren’t available anywhere else—especially when combined. This bundle is a limited-time offer available from M-AUDIO

Ozone 3
iZotope’s Ozone 3 combines analog modeling with 64-bit digital precision to deliver a complete integrated suite of world-class mastering processors. Ozone 3 sounds better than a series of plug-ins because all processing is done with one interface via 64-bit DSP. Ozone 3 gives you the tools to deliver top-notch audio masters.

More than just a series of effects, iZotope Spectron uses 64-bit spectral domain processing to deliver control over selective frequency bands. Morphing, delay, chorus, filters, flanging, and panning are just the starting points for limitless effects possibilities. The only similar products on the market sell for much more.

iZotope Trash is the ultimate tool for selectively adding distortion to your tracks. You get tons of guitar rig simulators, plus a tool chest of subtler tone enhancements—tape saturation for vocals, overdrive for keyboards, a pinch of fuzz on a lead guitar and lots more.

Visit the iZotope website for more information.