LiveSlice version 1.1 is a major update with tons of new features and important bugfixes. It now comes with two new banks which can be used both in the demo and full version. offers a reduced introduction price of 39.95 euro which is valid until 20 November 2005.

New features

  • horizontal zoom in slicer
  • save slices and tempo info as acidized loop (saves directly in the wave file)
  • mousewheel support in all hosts
  • mousewheel can now be used on sliders and menus too
  • grid in arranger – so you can find your way
  • bpm detection and acid import improved
  • faster audio import and improved coloring
  • middle mouse support (works as CTRL+RMB, that is: delete)
  • arranger workflow improvements
  • octave numbering system is adapted to the host labeling convention
  • (the note C1 in Cubase is called C3 in Fruity loops and C0 in Tracktion1.6)


  • deleted slices in first track was reinserted on reload.
  • right click “clear button” bug fixed
  • crash with loading some invalid wave-files fixed
  • bug when opening the same .fxb bank multiple times fixed
  • tracks were not being properly deleted – fixed
  • manually inserted slices could not be triggered individually
  • midi slice triggering bug fixed
  • changing the size of the arranger was disabled
  • other minor bugfixes

Visit the site for more information and a demo.