iZotope has announced Neutron, a new mixing plugin that is geared toward simplifying and enhancing the mixing process.

Neutron combines the latest innovations in analysis and metering with industry-leading audio processing to deliver unprecedented focus and clarity in your mixes, according to iZotope.

The plugin automatically detects different instruments, it offers recommendations for optimal starting points using its new Track Assistant, and its Masking Meter helps you find ‘perceptual frequency collisions’ so you can fix them.

iZotope Neutron

An industry first, Neutron’s Track Assistant saves you time by listening your audio and recommending custom starting points for your track. The analysis intelligence within Neutron allows Track Assistant to automatically detect instruments, recommend the placement of EQ nodes, and set optimal settings for other modules. You still maintain full control over all your mix decisions, but Track Assistant gives you more time to focus on what’s most important — your creative take on the mix.

Another industry first, Neutron’s Masking Meter allows you to visually identify and fix perceptual frequency collisions between instruments, which can result in guitars masking lead vocals, bass covering up drums, and other issues that can cause a “muddy” or overly crowded mix. Easily tweak each track to carve away muddiness and reveal new sonic possibilities.

“With Neutron, we’re introducing a new mixing paradigm by providing music producers and audio post professionals with a smarter way to mix,” says Mark Ethier, CEO and co-founder of iZotope. “The advanced technology within the software has an intelligence that isn’t the standard, one-size-fits-all mixing solution — Neutron is smart, but you’re still in charge. We envision Neutron being the helpful tool you’ve always wanted. It has a deep understanding of the tracks and where they compete with one another, and it offers subtle enhancements to the sound based on that understanding.”

Neutron can be used on every track, offering zero-latency, CPU-efficient performance. With an industry leading static /dynamic EQ, two multiband Compressors, a multiband Transient Shaper, a multiband Exciter, and a True Peak Limiter, users will hear clearer results in less time.

Neutron features

  • Automatically detect different instruments – like vocals, dialogue, guitar, bass, and drums – and then apply the spectral shaping technology within Neutrino to provide subtle clarity and balance to each track.
  • Get recommendations for optimal starting points using Track Assistant, including EQ nodes, compressor thresholds, saturation types, and multiband crossover points, so you can mix with confidence.
  • Carve out sonic space with the revolutionary Masking Meter to help each instrument sit better in the mix.
  • Create the perfect mix with five essential mixing processors integrated into one CPU-efficient channel strip, packed with both clean digital and warm vintage-flavored processing.
  • Surround Support [Advanced Only] for audio post professionals that need to enhance the audio for picture experience.
  • Individual plug-ins [Advanced Only] available for the Equalizer, Compressor, Transient Shaper, and Exciter.

Neutron and Neutron Advanced will be available October 5th, 2016.

Neutron Advanced will also be available as part of iZotope’s new Music Production Bundle 2, which also includes Ozone 7 Advanced, Nectar 2 Production Suite, VocalSynth, Trash 2 Expanded, RX Plug-in Pack, and Insight.

Upon release, there will be an introductory sale until October 31st, 2016:

  • Neutron: $199 USD/189 EUR (regular $249 USD/229 EUR).
  • Neutron Advanced: $299 USD/270 EUR (regular $349 USD/325 EUR).
  • Music Production Bundle 2: $499 USD/459 EUR (regular $699 USD/645 EUR).

Upgrade pricing can be found on iZotope’s website, and owners of previous versions of Music Production Bundle can find their upgrade coupons in their iZotope accounts.

More information: iZotope / Neutron